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Most electronics- and radio guys know that servicemanuals and schematics can be very hard to find (at least for free), and many sites have broken links or is closed.
I figured I'll be running this ftp the rest of my life (providing there are people using the site).
At least for the time being it will be run as a simple ftp as I don't possess html & database  skills.
I know it would be very nice with a searchable database and so, but I simply don't know how to...

The goal here is to collect manuals , servicemanuals , schematics , and mods , for all kinds of equipment such as amateur radios , multimeters , oscilloscopes , and all other types of instruments you can think of.

I also have some manuals as hardcopys, if there is something special you need but can't find it here - contact me and if you're lucky I might have the manual...

If you would like me to add something - just email me (link at the bottom) a copy, or links as to where
I can get it, I'm always looking for new stuff and I add it as I find them.
(I'm always interested in more old manuals/schematics _as well_ as for new equipment)

PLEASE do not leech every manual just because it's "good to have" - this site will not close until I die! This is kept on my slow dsl line at home (for the time being), I'd rater burn you a dvd and mail it to you.

Subfolder 1
Tektronix , Fluke , Icom , Philips , AVO , Collins , Drake , Cushcraft , Gould , Hammarlund , Harris , Heathkit HP , Kenwood , Lafayett , Marconi , National , Philips , RCA , Sony , Pioneer , WaveTek , Yaesu, AOR.

Subfolder 2
All other brands. :-)

Datasheets & Application Notes
Just some personal good to have datasheets and application notes I find useful.

I take no responsability at all for these files or the validity of their contents, if you don't know what you are doing then I suggest you don't fool around with electronics!
I am not the creator of these files, so I do not assume any credits, thank the creators for scanning these documents, I just want the files to be available to everyone. (okey some files are mine, but most are not)

Some files are DjVu and you may need to install a .djvu viewer, for instance this one by Lizardtech. Most files are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, and you may use Acrobat Reader to view. I haven't opened all files but there should be NO PASSWORDS and it's all FREE - there is no charge at all, if something should happen to be passworded - let me know....

Contact: greger@rfelektronik.se

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